Geton Coin Statistics
Price [€]
Available Supportive Supply
Geton Coins Issued [20th July, 2020]
Total Supply (Final)
Initial Supportive Supply
Circulating Supply
Transfered Supportive Supply
Available Supportive Supply
Circulating Supply
Market Capitalization [€]
Final GetonCoin Price [€]
GetonCoin Historical Price Chart
Dynamic Price Modeling Concept
Index: Supportive Supply: Change: Price [€]:
1 11.200.000 0,01201711
2 4.903.197.500 2.343.116.950 2,51406259
3 3.317.734.262 1.072.799.068 4,21519569
4 2.244.935.194 1.072.799.068 5,36626244
5 1.519.028.840 725.906-354 6,14512839
6 1.027.846.426 491.182.414 6,67214575
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The mission of GetonCoin is to provide high grade liquidity for a blockchain-based project GetonHealth.
Distribution of GetonCoin Total Supply

According to the development phase of Geton Platform, shareholders of Geton Blockchain Corporation can approve drawdown from Liquidity Pool with undistributed (reserved) Development Supply to Supportive Supply. The supply, circulating on the global market is Circulating Supply.
Liquidity Pool
Circulating Supply
The number of tokens that are circulating in the market and are in the general public’s hands. Basically these tokens were within the ICO period. Another way to increase the circulating supply is to reward users who are involved in expanding project volume and building the Community.
The Geton Blockchain Corporation is constantly buying tokens from the global market and injecting them into Available Circulating Supply, which is sold on GetOn Direct.
Liquidity Pool
Supportive Supply
Undistributed amount of tokens, i.e. tokens that are not yet in circulation and are part of Total Supply are designed to support the development of the Geton project. For this reason, they are injected into the kind of Liquidity Pool and should support future development. Transactions are transparent and promptly visible on
GetonCoin Official Wallets

Type of Supply Wallet Amount of Tokens Value
Supportive Supply 0x8b9ce3979619e6f4099b62072033f2c9c28ba58b 1.366.889.071 GETON 49.675.899.452 EUR
Available Circulating Supply 0x7abd702dbe8c3cba0a75aecf9e1916ee71167c57 0 GETON 0 EUR
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